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Boarding & Bathing

Our facilities provide your pet with a comfortable stay while you are away. Our staff is in constant interaction and observation with the pets in our care. Our food for healthy pets is Science Diet for their appropriate Life Stage. We can also feed any Prescription Diet (owner provided) or other special food (owner provided) that may be required plus give medicines (including Heartworm and flea preventives) your pet needs during the stay. Each pet entering the boarding area receives a CapStar Flea pill so we can prevent the other pets under our care from picking up fleas.

You have the added benefit of knowing that if your animal experiences any illness while you’re away, it will be promptly and competently addressed by our staff and Dr. Baxter.

Bathing is available with boarding or at any time you feel your pets needs a bath. Our HydroSurge Bather provides a muscle soothing massaging actions that pets love and which also helps remove dander and dirt even better. We also apply a light conditioner or you can elect to have a full conditioning treatment.

For a tour of our boarding facilities, please feel free to drop by anytime during regular business hours. We offer Pickup by appointment on Sunday afternoon at 5:00 for your convenience.